Have you lost your confidence to take risks? In every aspect of your life, there will people who get things you’re ‘supposed’ to have. Yet they don’t seem to have more talent than you do. Believe me, I work in the filming industry and see examples of this on a weekly basis. You work hard and spend a lot of time nurturing your dream – then someone else pops up, says the ‘right’ words and viola! They’ve got what should belong to you.

Confidence to take risks



Confidence to take risks with your career


Before I was married and had kids I took many risks in my life.

I suppose I had nothing to lose – no one wanting anything from me or depending on me to live ‘sanely’.

I got my dream job as a radio announcer by taking a risk. I walked into the radio station and told the receptionist that I was there to talk to someone about a job as an announcer. She told me it didn’t happen like that (as if I didn’t know).

However, the seed was planted and I didn’t let it go. I left a convincing CV and letter. I made a few follow-up calls and one thing led to another.

Three months later I was announcer-in-training and later ended up with my own daily radio show. I knew I had the job the day I was called in for an interview and made one of the panel members weep with laughter. And all this I achieved broke. I begged the lift to the radio station the first time I went there, and wrangled the phone calls because I couldn’t even afford to pay for the phone calls.

Have you wanted to take a risk with your career for ages? Do you want to ask for a promotion? A raise? Do you want to start your own business? What’s stopping you? Have you got the confidence to take that risk? Consider ‘the worst that can happen’. Now could you take that risk?

Confidence to take risks with your quality of life


I started acting professionally because I walked up to the local director and said I wanted to try out for his upcoming play (I didn’t even know he had an upcoming play).

After the audition he gave me a part with two lines. I was happy with this, but during the nightly rehearsals, the main actress (the director’s cousin) kept messing up her lines. She couldn’t take direction easily. After a while – in frustration (or misguided ignorance) – I shouted out her line in exactly the way the director wanted. He asked me to go up on stage and perform her part – ‘just for tonight’.  One thing led to another, as they say, and the next day I had the lead role! Years later I was playing lead roles in the best theatre in the country!

Have you been thinking of taking up a hobby? Have you always wanted to try something, but think you’re not good enough for it? Do you want  a change in your life but can’t build up the courage to go get it? Is this even a risk? Close your eyes for a moment and think about how you’d feel on the day you’ve accomplished that dream. What’s stopping you from rigging up that confidence to take risks with your quality of life?

Confidence to take risks with relationships


I took a risk on my marriage when I broke up with my fiancé in order to date the man who’s now my husband. Now, 16 years later, we’re blissfully, happily married.

(Note: I’m not telling you to break up with your loved one just on a whim. I didn’t take this particular risk on a whim). How about you? Have you been living alone or in a loveless relationship? Have you been admiring someone from afar for years without doing anything about it? What will it mean to you to have that relationship you’ve always wanted? If being with that person is worth the risk, why aren’t you confident enough to take it? 

All the best and most important things which happened to be in my life have come about through the risks I took.

Now I’ve got kids, a mortgage and a husband – I never take risks any more.  I’ve become safe. I’ve become one of those people who always stand aside to see other people get the very thing I wanted.

I’ve buried the risk-taking  part of me because I want to stay safe for my kids and because I’ve lost that part of me from dis-use.

Not any more!

Today I’m reviving the risk-taking side of me. This doesn’t mean I’m going to sky-dive or jump from a moving car 🙂 It means I’m going to recapture the side of me that went out and asked for what it wanted. So how about you? What do you resolve to do today to recapture that risk-taking person you used to be? Do you have the confidence to take risks?

16 Responses to “Confidence To Take Risks”

  1. khaled says:

    As children,we are born with a natural spontaneity that encourages us to take risks to develope our characters and broaden our horizens.
    Unfortunately,this trait fades as we grow up and may be we forget about it completely.It needs a lot of courage & confidence to dig deep inside ourselve and bring it again on top.The first step is to know at which point in our lives we lost it & where to search inside ourselves to re-capture it again.Also,It needs continous usage & practice in real life to make sure you won’t lose it or forget how to use it.

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for your input, Khaled. I liked the point of examining where in your life you lost that spontaneity and try to ‘return’ there to find it. Thankfully, I realise that I lost it when I had my kids. Hopefully now that they’re getting older, I’ll feel more able to let go and take care of myself sometimes. 🙂
      Anne recently posted..How To Tile A WallMy Profile

  2. Get Rid Of Shyness says:

    A great tip to take risk, you treat every encounter the way a scientist treats an experiment. You don’t want get emotionally wrapped up, but see what works and what doesn’t

    • Anne says:

      I kind of see your point, but unfortunately, not all of us can view risks from a totally un-involved perspective. On some level, I always get somewhat emotionally attached.

      Do you have any tips for HTBC readers on how to actually keep this distance?

  3. Dennis Do says:

    Risk is important. Too many of us are scared of risk because we stay in our comfort zone. I really found this article inspirational, especially the part where you left your finance for someone else of your dreams.

    Actually, anything that you have experienced is an inspiration. I hope to read more of your personal ones in the future 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Thank you, Dennis. I knew someone would comment on that part of it. It was quite dramatic, but turned out to be the best decision in the end.

  4. Mariella Lombardi says:

    This was very inspiring, Anne. I took career risks more than once in my life, but this year I made the big leap towards making it on my own. No boss, no stability. And I have to say that it is going quite well at the moment. Taking risks is very necessary and good.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..My Review of Henry Legere’s “Raising Healthy Eaters” 100 Tips for ParentsMy Profile

  5. Hiten says:

    Hi Anne,

    This is probably the best post of yours I’ve read. It was good to learn more about you and I was becoming more inspired as I was reading down your post.

    You demonstrated a powerful attitude and self-assurance that you would get what you want. I have a similar approach to my coaching practice. I’m not sure how it will be a success. However, I’m willing to take risks and try out different approaches, with the belief that one day it will be a success.

    Thank you for inspiring us.
    Hiten recently posted..Having coffee at Going A-MusingMy Profile

  6. Anne says:

    Thanks, Hiten. I really appreciate your kind comment. It will be a success if you’re sure of it. I wish you all the best.

  7. I can relate to this article in so many ways Anne! In fact not long ago I was thinking about some of the risks I’ve taken in my life and thinking to myself what happened to that fearless person?! I’m also working on challenging myself to a few new risks at the moment, but I can feel something bigger brewing … I have no intention of let my life slowly fade away with a whisper. Time to do a little roaring 🙂
    marquita herald recently posted..Who Do You Think You Are?My Profile

    • Anne says:

      I love it, Marty. Time to do some roaring.
      If you think about it, there’s no reason we have to fade as we get older. There’s so much we could be getting on with, as our responsibilities get lighter.

      I’m not going to give up. Like you, I want to continue to take risks and roar! Thanks for stopping by.
      Anne recently posted..DIY Money-Saving Heating TipsMy Profile

  8. I loved reading this article Anne, you always keep it real! And I agree with you completely. I think taking risks is essential to accomplishing anything in life. When you take risks, you may not end up with what you originally sought after, but it could open up a door for another route to success you never imagined….

    just like how you landed the lead role in the play. That’s usually how life works. A hunger for more, a burning desire to succeed will often MAKE you take risks. So if you don’t have a hunger for more you probably wont take any.

    Thanks God for all the risk takers!!!!
    Maurice Lindsay recently posted..10 Steps to Becoming a Better PersonMy Profile

  9. Anne we have the same experience when it comes to a relationship. Back when I was in college, I have this long-time boyfriend. Our relationship lasted for 4 years. Even though we reach that far I cannot say that being with him will be one of the happiest day of my life. We were close but there is something in him that is lacking. See I also have this guy which I’ve known for couple of years, I admit I like him, but the attraction was not really that powerful for me to consider him. But as time goes by, talking to him and seeing him, I can directly compare him to my boyfriend. It was hard for me to admit at first that he was far better than my bf, but later on, I guess its just destiny that brought us together. We became closer and closer to the point that we had a mutual understanding. By then on, I took risk of breaking up with my boyfriend and finally and officially continue what we have. That incident was really very painful. I have to take a lot of risk but one thing strengthens me is the feelings that I have for him and I know I have to fight for it to keep me happy.

  10. Taking risks is one of the most important things in life. Taking one risk can completely change your life. Thanks for sharing this information.

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