Body confidence is not that hard to achieve. A lot of young people think that body confidence is the enjoyment we get from people admiring how perfect we are. They think that in order to be body confident, you have to have perfect teeth, smooth skin, be a perfect size 10 and have the best combination of what ever hair-type is the fad at any given time. (I worked with teenagers for 10 years). We see how silly this idea is when we look at celebrities who go to extreme measures to ‘have the perfect body’.

Aren’t they already being held in esteem by others? Aren’t they revered and longed for? Aren’t their bodies the ones we’re supposed to strive for? Yet they’re starving themselves and going under painful procedures to maintain that apparent ‘perfect body’. Now,  if they aren’t body confident with all the seeming ‘perfection’ they strive for, what really does give a person body confidence?

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Confidence building may be tough for people like us who’ve had difficult starts in life. However, like tulips, if we were planted in a shady spot, we just have to grow taller to reach where the sunlight IS available. I know this because I had to. And if I could build confidence, anyone can. Here’s your confidence building booster for today. If you have anything to add please tell us in the comment box below. 

I went to a shop recently to get some material to make a bed spread. (I’m into interior design and love to make stuff for our home). A little, old, Chinese woman was also in there shopping. She was probably 5 foot tall and weighed about 100 pounds. This was what called my attention to her in the first place. As some of you know, I’m almost 6 foot tall.

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Celebs With Body Confidence will show you the celebrities who are confident in their own skins. These celebrities will surprise you because they’re not the stick-thin ones most teenagers aspire to be like. They’re real women with real bodies. This just goes to show that body confidence has nothing to do with being thin. Body confidence is accepting who you are and what you look like. If you’d like some tips on building body confidence, go to the linked page. 

According to Cosmopolitan, ‘The average American woman is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds, while the average American model is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 117 pounds — making her thinner than 98 percent of American women. So mathematically, it would be pointless to judge your body in terms of someone you have only a 2 percent genetic possibility of looking like.’ I think that this data is representative of most countries. Women in the UK certainly fit into this category. The topic of body confidence is well-debated internationally.

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It takes a lot of self confidence and self esteem to step up and keep stepping up when life gets rough. Like the stairs below, it’s difficult to see the very top step when we’re viewing it from the bottom. Sometimes the top becomes clearer when someone points it out. We then become more confident and are able to get there because we can see that glimmer of hope.  

In this case, the top of the steps in the picture below is beside the glimmer of light you can see near the the tree on the right. Now I’ve raised your confidence that the top is in view, you can finally see it. You’re more comfortable now you know where it is. Your self-esteem about being able to climb there is growing by the minute. 

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Boost your confidence in 48 hours was written for people who’re feeling a bit nervous or scared about doing an upcoming activity. It may be defending your thesis, starting a new job, going for an interview, going on a first date etc. This article is to provide an easy, temporary fix to building confidence. This piece will give you all you need for the confidence you deserve to do the job at hand. If you’re looking for overall confidence boosting activity and tips you’ve come to the right place. Just look around and read the rest of the confidence articles on this site. 

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The way to boost confidence is not just by reading every self-confidence book there is going.  The foundation to boosting confidence is laid by enriching the person you are,  first from the inside. We do this by first eliminating the stress  we feel about not being confident in the first place. You see, if you’re not actively looking to boost confidence, but are concentrating on self-fulfilment instead, this makes you happy with yourself, so you ‘seem’ confident. 

Remember that self-confidence doesn’t come from the outside.  It’s the way you react to external situation which causes the let-down you feel about yourself.  Confident people are those who stay upbeat even in rough times, and positive in times of distress.  If good times categorically brought elation – and hard times desperation, then we would all be a bunch of depressed people.

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This post will give you the ‘pick me up‘ you need in a few short sentences. Do you feel a bit down? Are you looking for a way to just put that spark back into your life today? Is your mood letting you down – not allowing you to feel the way you want to feel?  Well then, jump aboard! 

Everything today is about quick and easy access. Chopped vegetables, microwaveable dinners, two-in-one-shampoos, online-banking; and the list dribbles on. Here’s my version of quick and easy fixes when it comes to that brisk pick-me-up. 

Today’s pick me up


little pick me ups capture the beauty from the inside, then radiate it outward - like the detail of this water lily

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