How to Look Confident: Dress Sense will show you ways in which you can use your clothes (your exterior) to make yourself look confident. I know you’re still working on being confident. You obviously understand that confidence comes from within and does not depend on external forces. However, dressing the part can often help boost your confidence because it gives others an idea of how you’re beginning to feel on the inside. Give yourself a head start with confidence by putting your best foot forward! How to Look Confident: Dress Sense will give you some ideas of how to do just that! 

How to look confident: dress sense


when you step out your door, look good

How to look confident: dress for your age

No one should dress frumpy. This is not what this article is about at all. We’re about getting you the best results for confidence dressing. This is why we have to point out that dressing  like a teenager in your 30s or 40s  makes you look a lot older.The consensus is that if you have to try so hard to look young, then you must be very old and trying to hide it. Do your research to dress for your body and shape. The world is quite shallow. If you look important in the way you dress, they think you are important. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, they just like to look stylish and suit you well.  If you want to test this, go into an expensive shop dressed down and see the furtive looks the shop assistants and security guards give you. Now return dressed like you’re a business man/woman and see them fall over themselves to help you.

Dress for confidence by paying attention to the following details

Learn how to look good in casual wear.  This is the hardest dress code to get right. Stay away from: frilly, knitted collars; puffed sleeves; elasticised waist bands etc. Don’t wear polyester suits or big, gathered skirts (men; perhaps it would be a good idea to stay away from the skirts too :-).

Get rid of the stuff in your wardrobe that you’ve had for 20 years, unless they are vintage pieces or jeans.  It’s very important to throw out old shoes too. Even if the clothes are perfect, the shoes can be a dead give away that you’re not sure of your style.  Uncertainly – in the eyes of the world – could mean a lack of confidence. This is not necessarily true, but in order to dress for confidence, you have to be aware of perceptions like these. Wear heels you’re comfortable with, but if you prefer flats, reject those awful one-inch miseries elderly women wear and go for ballet pumps or chic sandals instead. This dress code is pleasing to both the young and old. If they can’t fault your dress they won’t be so quick to fault you before you’ve even open your mouth. Give yourself the best chance possible. Don’t be judged by your clothes!

Put your chest out, draw your tummy in and spring into a good posture – you need it if you’re going to show others how confident you are, and how good you look good in the clothes you so carefully planned out.  Good posture is important where the appearance of confidence is concerned. However, women should avoid use shoulder pads for this effect (unless you’re wearing a formal jacket).  If you want to appear taller wear higher heels or padded insoles. None of these need to come at a price, just be careful how you shop.  Charity shops are an essential visit if you want to change your image with an almost non-existent budget.

Choose less fruity fragrances (too young), and more subtle, fresher, flowery scents. Spring flowers are a manifestation of new, fresh life.  Psychologically, this represents ‘youth’ to the olfactory sense. But how does this help you to look confident? Being treated younger makes us feel more confident, thus look more confident because we portray what we feel.

Men: Suits are in, and so are pointy shoes (again).  Your choice of aftershave must be less old spice and more new fragrance.

How to look confident with a great smile

Our teeth age with us, and one of the things that’s an instant age indicator, is the state of our teeth.  Even for people who’ve got all of the above right, if you’re afraid to smile you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Bad teeth also make you scared to speak your mind or smile broadly with person you fancy (or are trying to impress) because you don’t want them to see your teeth. You bow your head or cover your face when you speak. This screams insecurity.  I’m sure we all know at least one person who fits into this category. Do you think of them as someone who has the aura of confidence?

Obviously, non-smokers’ teeth age far better than smokers’ gnashers. Other factors such as diet, dental care, tea/coffee/red wine abuse etc, play an important role in the appearance of your teeth. There might be nothing you could do about your teeth if you’ve just inherited a less-than-perfect set, so the next best thing may be to get them whitened.  I cannot vouch for home teeth whitening.  I’ve tried two separate ones in the past with no change whatsoever (although other people may’ve have better luck than me).

Your dentist (and this may be expensive) can do a wonderful job to get your confident smile back, if you have them done at the surgery. If you can afford this treatment it’s worth saving up to get it done.  Resist the urge to go shopping for (new clothes and fancy shoes/bags/gadgets etc) the next 6 months, and I’m sure that you could save up enough for a professional whitening treatment.

Conclusion: ‘how to look confident – dress sense’

Confidence is about being vibrant, optimistic and passionate.  Confident  people who show ‘life’ and ‘light’ in their manner express passion in the way they speak about the things with which they’re involved.  They’re never cynical or pessimistic.  If your mind is active, enthusiastic and young, your body will quickly follow into place.  When this happens, the dress style you choose will reflect this. Don’t say, ‘I’m too old for that,’ or ‘I can’t be bothered with all that fancy stuff’. Choose clothes for your body, but don’t bury or hide yourself in them. Choose clothes that show your best assets and hide the lumps and bumps which make you feel bad about yourself. 

Here are a couple of items which will help you in your journey to showing confidence through your dress sense. I recommend you give them a try. As you know, dress sense is obviously not the only way to show a confident you to the world. Have a search around this site – click on some of the tags in the widget on the right and you’ll see what we’ve already discussed here. Don’t forget to check out our confidence aides page.

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  1. How people see you can be a huge key thing these days. Especially something like a job interview. If you don’t look like you have confidence, some people will look the other way. It’s good information to have to help look confident through building your confidence.

  2. Deena says:

    True, your clothes do reflect your confidence that can be noticed by those around you. As the article mentions, shop assistants and security guards are meant to display their confidence and the image of the brand.
    Deena recently posted..Parks in New York need SecurityMy Profile

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