we all start out unfinished

 It’s easy to say, ‘change your life’, isn’t it? But what does this mammoth task involve? What does someone have to do in order to change their life – grow their life? Do they have to move house? Get divorced? Get married? Quit their dead end job? How can you take something as important as a life and change it or grow it? The answer is simpler than you think.

When we find the answer to changing our life in order to grow into the person we know we are on the inside, what does it take to implement? But not only this, can the weak and imperfect change their lives? Some may say, ‘I’m poor, I have no opportunities’. ‘I’m uneducated, I have no options’. ‘I’m a single parent, I have no time’. ‘I’m from a minority ethnic group, I have no power’. ‘I’m too young, I have no rights’. Is there a common soapbox on which someone can stand and address all these groups with the words, ‘Change your life, grow your life’?
This post is addressing especially those who feel they’re not worthy of achieving great things. You see, we all start out unfinished. It’s up to us to advance and emerge into something great. Like the hellebore flower on the top left, we don’t reach our full potential in the earlier years of our lives (it takes longer for some of us). If we did, what would there be to hope for, right? The truth is, even the badly-formed or the least talented can change their lives and grow into something remarkable. 

To change your life, you need to take the first step


the beauty lies within, waiting to shine through

This is the answer to finding change in your life. You need to take that first step to where you want to be. Achieving a degree is a huge task. So is leaving an abusive relationship, buying a flat, or leaving a job you hate.

Once you’ve decided what you need to do to get to where you want to be, take the first step to getting there. Everything else falls into place after that. Look at the hellebore on the immediate left. After a few days the simple, unformed flower at the top branched out into this complicated, beautiful, admirable specimen. It took some time, but first the ovule needed to open up and show the world what it could do. This beauty had always been within, but without stepping out and making the first move, no one could’ve seen what was hidden within.

Is this you? Are you bursting with talent but refusing to step into the light? Look at the first steps below and see how you can change your life. Remember that ‘first steps’ don’t get us to the destination instantly. The first step is a journey that lead us to the right path.

How to change your life:

Do you want to further your education to change your life? Take the first step by doing some credit courses at home which will enable you to qualify for the degree/diploma you want. Do free or apprenticeship courses if you need to.

Do you wish you had the courage to leave your abusive spouse  but find you have no confidence left to make a break? Change your life. Take the first step by going into shelter or living with relatives until you can stand on your own two feet. Will this be difficult? Of course, it would! But it only takes a little while away from your ‘prison officer’ to feel free of the hold they have on you.

Do you wish to change your life by getting the promotion you deserve?  Complaining to your friends and spouse will never get you there. Take the first step. Promote yourself, meet with your boss with a written diary of all that you’ve achieved for the company, all the awards you’ve won, all the times you’ve stayed late and dedicated your services for free. Agree to take on the responsibility of the post above yours and do it for your current pay (just to prove yourself).

Sometimes it’s difficult to change your life in the way you want. For example, you may have nasty neighbours, but can’t afford to (or want to) move. The first step to changing your life in this case would be to find a mediator to try and make peace between the two of you. If you know exactly what’s causing the problem, this is halfway towards getting it fixed. If you know the problem, then it’s easier to come to a compromise.

Change your life: takeaway

Don’t sit back and live your life in misery, waiting for your numbers to come up. They may never do so and where does this leave you?

Take that first step: get up and go online to find a match, apply for the job you want, say hello to that person you admire, say sorry for wrong doing. Go out of your way today to take that first step to where you want to be. Remember if you don’t change your life in five years you’ll be sitting right where you are today. How does that option sound to you?

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9 Responses to “Change Your Life”

  1. What great advice! To change our lives we do need to make that first step. Whatever it is, taking action to make your life more positive and healthy, we do need to take action.
    Thanks for a great post
    Donna Merrill recently posted..5 Ways Of Effective BloggingMy Profile

  2. farouk says:

    that’s an awesome post Ann
    keep up the good work

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence and your visit, Farouk. I’m going to pop by your site a bit later today.
    Anne recently posted..Notice Board For Kids BedroomMy Profile

  4. Hi Anne,
    This is a beautiful and insightful post.
    I like th eexpression you use spaking about change ” mammoth task”
    Change starts from small steps, eating the whole elephant in one stsp is simpossible and puts us immediately into the state of fear.
    What Iuse to help others change ( as well as myself is):
    -see it as it is ,
    -see it better than it is ,
    -see it as as a fun experience and just do the 1st baby step!

  5. Anne says:

    Thanks for your insight, Patricia. And welcome to how to build confidence.
    Anne recently posted..Notice Board For Kids BedroomMy Profile

  6. Indhira Shekher says:

    I love your website. I have bookmarked your website. Great article on building confidence.

  7. marquita herald says:

    Wonderful article Anne and I certainly agree with you about the importance of taking that first step – so often that step boils down to making the decision what you really want and then getting r-e-a-l about what it’s going to take to make that happen. For example, in your example of living with an abusive spouse – when things first go bad what we want is for things to be the way they ‘use’ to be and we convince ourselves if we’re just good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, they will love and treat us right again. Sadly, that’s almost never happens so in many cases coming to terms with the truth is the first step toward creating positive change.

  8. Anne says:

    Thanks for your input, Marty. Realising there’s a problem, or that there’s something lacking is (as you said) the beginning of the solution. Realisation without confidence to take that first step is like accepting defeat.
    I hope that we can all have the courage and confidence to decide that defeat is not our game.
    Anne recently posted..Notice Board For Kids BedroomMy Profile

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