In order to build confidence, we need to answer this question: What is confidence? ‘Confidence’ is defined as belief in the truth about something. Note: confidence is not necessarily knowing the truth about something. It’s the belief  in the truth about that thing. Confidence is to be certain, to have faith, to be assured. Build Confidence: You Can Do It  gives you the top-up you need today to have that faith in yourself.

The relationship between reality and imagination is made smaller by confidence. This is so because the physical brain can’t really tell the difference between the two. Confidence, therefore, bridges the gap the mind knows is there. When in doubt about your abilities don’t stand still, just take the plunge. This is confidence.


build confidence. You can do it, providing you're not the one standing still

How to build confidence

This is a piece of cake! Increase confidence by imagining you’ve already achieved. This is why top athletes achieve. They imagine themselves at the finish line, and they get there. It’s that simple. Does your love relationship make you feel low and worthless? Do you need the confidence to leave but you’re always holding back with ‘what-ifs’? Take the plunge. Imagine you’ve left, then do so. Procrastination is the enemy of confidence.

You want to ask for a raise? Imagine you’ve done so. Do it with confidence. Of course, you may get a ‘no’ the first time, but persevere with good attitude, hard work and believe you’re worth it. The next time you ask, you’ll get just what you’re after. Use confidence building aides if they’ll help you achieve your goals.

Confidence and you

Are you trying to increase your confidence by a course in self-belief? Are you attempting to build your confidence by reading every personal development  book you can find? No amount of reading is going to get you there just on its own. You’ll have lots of redundant knowledge with as much confidence as a door mouse. To build confidence you need to act! Take up arms and actually make confidence building activities one of your big focuses in life.

Conclusion – build confidence: just do it

Make a confidence change today. Stop standing still (or sitting still and reading). Jump as high as you can and do something that scares you. The only way you’ll be confident you remember how to cycle is by getting back on that bike. The only way to grow confidence is by stepping up, getting involved and doing something about it. Imagine you’re there, then just go!

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