Will it break or make you asks a simple question, but it’s a principal that affects all aspects of your life when it comes to building confidence.  It’s also a question that’s most important when making practical, life-changing decisions while things are tough in your life. After all, isn’t it during the tough times that we make the crucial decisions about the direction we want our lives to take? Yes, will it make or break you?

Will it break or make you?


when you look back at your reflection what will you see, fallen leaves or a solid trunk?

Do you know how muscles get bigger? Of course, it’s by hard training and hours of body-breaking work. However, do you know what actually happens to the muscle cells to get them bigger? When you train and work the muscles past their limit the cells rip a little. The body, in a bid to ‘re-make’ or repair itself, grows a bit of extra tissue around the tear or scar. This extra scar tissue makes that muscle bigger. The next time you break that cell with hard graft in the gym it will repair itself again – with even more tissue. The result? Bigger muscles!

Breaking the muscle tissue with hard graft makes it stronger. It can’t become stronger unless it breaks.

Hard times will break you, unless you use them to ‘make’ you


Have you got something in your life right now which is breaking you down, ripping you up bit by bit? Is it your work, your friends, your spouse? Is it so bad that each time you have to face it you feel your confidence is dipping lower and lower?

Well, here’s a brand new perspective! This is the very thing – the thing breaking you – that’s in your life to make you stronger. Yes, it is! None of us has ever thought we could build our character or personality by never having to face turmoil or hardship. Yet, why do we try to run away from challenges and hardship instead of trying to face them head on. After all, isn’t the ‘facing up’ the way to ‘building up’? Isn’t the tearing which leads to repairing? 

‘Breaking down’ is adding value


Gold, in its raw state is ugly and unremarkable. It has to go through blazing heat to burn out the impurities and come out on the other side pure.

Diamonds in their raw state are like dull, old, discarded hard plastic. They have to be cut and broken down in order to be made into something beautiful.

Your hardship will make you


…that is, if you don’t allow it to break you. Muscles tear to repair. So will you. So look at that hardship you’re facing right now. Don’t turn away, and don’t try to run from it. Jump on it and ride it. It’s actually doing you a favour because in the long run, it’s the very thing you’ll refer to as your foundation – your building block. And just when you’re about to  feel completely broken, this is the point at which you’re getting ready to repair. Don’t give up then because this is the time to hang in there for all you’re worth. How else will you enjoy the strength which is wash over your life?


Look that hardship in the face, and stare it down. No on will leave that rut  until one of you gets taken down. It’s either you or that obstacle. Who’s it gonna be, mate?


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What other tips can you share in regard to facing up to your hardship? How do you do it?


19 Responses to “Will It Break Or Make You”

  1. I really enjoyed this article. It is true that your perspective determines everything in life, turning the negative into the positive is great. Thank you.

  2. I totally agree with you when you say that the very thing that is “breaking” you is making you strong. All we have to do is pay attention to it instead of giving in to it. It may be difficult for some folks, but the first step is to identify it, and then – as you say: “Look hardship in the face, and stare it down”
    Wonderful aspect
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers AwardMy Profile

  3. Mariella Lombardi says:

    Hi Anne,

    I liked this post a lot. It is the obstacle we face each day that makes us grow and develop into mature human beings. Without all the hardships we wouldn’t be able to strive for the best in life.

    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..The Jillian Michaels Premium Weight Loss Plan – Does it Work?My Profile

  4. Dennis Do says:

    Wow, I really like this article you’ve written Anne.

    I look back on the things that were unsuccessful, and in a sense it made me want to get back into the game just to be that much better than how I was.

    I definitely feel this article as a reminder to keep on going no matter how hard the break is.. I refuse to let it beat me.

    Arg, now you have me all worked up! 🙂
    Dennis Do recently posted..Taking Smarter Shortcuts in LifeMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      That’s it, Dennis! Get back in there and do your thing. You alone know how to do it best. Don’t fight to get done in the way others think it should be done. Be yourself and your work will stand out as an original. No one else is like you!
      Anne recently posted..DIY Anti-Burglar ProjectsMy Profile

  5. farouk says:

    that’s an amazing post Anne
    all life challenges can either help us grow or break us if we gave in
    thanks for the inspiration

  6. JP says:

    Hi Anne, I absolutely love the “muscle-tear-to-build” analogy! Perfect for gym-rats like me. 🙂

  7. Ken Wert says:

    Loved this Anne!

    I was just writing something about this recently for a new blog I’m still putting together right now. But what an awesome thought that to build, we have to break. Sometimes those breaks come in the form of muscle tissue. Sometimes it comes in the form of breaks with the past or with tradition or habits. Other times, we break pride or selfishness or fear in order to grow, to take the next step, to build up lives of accomplishment, meaning, ability and happiness.

    Thanks for the awesome article, Anne.
    Ken Wert recently posted..11 Steps and 11 Quotes to Radical Personal Change (A Tribute to Stephen R. Covey)My Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for your input, Ken. It’s true that one the things we have to break in order to accomplish meaning is pride. I’m thinking of writing about this too 🙂 Great minds and all that…

  8. Great article Anne…Every lesson is a blessing in disguise, once we realize this it will make our trials and tribulations that much more easier. I believe that life wasn’t meant to be easy, it is only meant for us to grow. We Grow Through What We Go Through!
    Maurice Lindsay recently posted..Comment on What is The Will of God by Maurice LindsayMy Profile

  9. Very inspirational Anne … that experience you’re talking about is all about building resilience. Someone on Facebook sent me a message just yesterday about this subject. She’d seen a reference to my book about Resilience and asked me if it really is possible to grow more resilient. Of course it absolutely is, but like so many things in life there are no quick fixes. It’s all about doing the work every day to practice the skills that have been proven to cultivate resilience, and your example is perfectly aligned with that process!
    marquita herald recently posted..Freeing Yourself to Express Feelings of True JoyMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for your input, Marty. We know that you can build resilience, but it’s not easy. Life is a training ground, isn’t it? The hurdles are just for jumping over. Some people have trained better than others.

  10. I have heard this saying a lot. It really makes you question certain things in your life. For me personally, it makes me think about picking your battles. What is really important?

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