Do you have trouble claiming your blessings? Do you try for a while to appreciate what you have but so get distracted by other people’s accomplishments, you forget how valuable yours are? Do you find yourself so overly concerned with what others are doing, you lose track of the direction in which you’re leading your life? If this is you, you may not be claiming your blessings as your own. You’re steadily allowing them to fall from your grasp and wither away. In order to confidently claim blessings, you need to focus – focus on what’s in front of you, already in your hands. This short article will spur you on the confidently claim the blessings you’ve already received in your life. 

I gave my son 2 twenty pence pieces today. Then I gave his younger sister a small handful of five pence coins. ‘How come she’s got more than me!’ he said indignantly. He swallowed a mouthful of further complains when I told him his sister had only thirty pence, to his forty.

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How many times have you heard the term, work with what you have? Has it become a cliche, or do you apply it to your life on a regular basis? Intellectually, I know I should work with what I have, but I have to confess that sometimes I let pride get in the way and lose precious energy and time worrying about what I don’t have. The same works for self-confidence. Do you worry about your inability to speak in public or do you work to enhance the inherent talent you have of consoling your friends on a one-to-one basis?

I didn’t plant sunflowers last year. We’d moved house recently so I was busy trying to get the house in order and missed my chance the get the seeds sown in time. However, yesterday I went to a field to play cricket with my family and noticed a tiny yellow weed growing out of the dry, patchy grass.

I took a close-up picture of it on my mobile phone – no fancy cameras, no trick photography – just a phone photo. I noticed that this little weed looked as grand and as beautiful as my previous years’ sunflowers. 

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