The way to boost confidence is not just by reading every self-confidence book there is going.  The foundation to boosting confidence is laid by enriching the person you are,  first from the inside. We do this by first eliminating the stress  we feel about not being confident in the first place. You see, if you’re not actively looking to boost confidence, but are concentrating on self-fulfilment instead, this makes you happy with yourself, so you ‘seem’ confident. 

Remember that self-confidence doesn’t come from the outside.  It’s the way you react to external situation which causes the let-down you feel about yourself.  Confident people are those who stay upbeat even in rough times, and positive in times of distress.  If good times categorically brought elation – and hard times desperation, then we would all be a bunch of depressed people.

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we all start out unfinished

 It’s easy to say, ‘change your life’, isn’t it? But what does this mammoth task involve? What does someone have to do in order to change their life – grow their life? Do they have to move house? Get divorced? Get married? Quit their dead end job? How can you take something as important as a life and change it or grow it? The answer is simpler than you think.

When we find the answer to changing our life in order to grow into the person we know we are on the inside, what does it take to implement? But not only this, can the weak and imperfect change their lives? Some may say, ‘I’m poor, I have no opportunities’. ‘I’m uneducated, I have no options’. ‘I’m a single parent, I have no time’. ‘I’m from a minority ethnic group, I have no power’. ‘I’m too young, I have no rights’. Is there a common soapbox on which someone can stand and address all these groups with the words, ‘Change your life, grow your life’?
This post is addressing especially those who feel they’re not worthy of achieving great things. You see, we all start out unfinished. It’s up to us to advance and emerge into something great. Like the hellebore flower on the top left, we don’t reach our full potential in the earlier years of our lives (it takes longer for some of us). If we did, what would there be to hope for, right? The truth is, even the badly-formed or the least talented can change their lives and grow into something remarkable. 

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Confidence journey – what is it about? Ever since we were little, the things we did and the people we met all contributed to our confidence level. Mind you, they haven’t determined our confidence, (we do that) – they just contributed to it. The things we were able to do well showed us we were good at some things. The things we were unable to do showed us our weaknesses (and we all have them). The people we saw and lived with all told us in word and action how able or how deficit we were. This article is about your confidence journey and how you can make it a better one.

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What is confidence? A Google search reveals that, ‘Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust’. I suppose confidence can be described as such but in most cases, confidence – whatever it is – is missing in our lives. How can we then know how to describe it? It’s not that we don’t have confidence, it’s just that it’s been so buried – so deeply – for such a long time, we no longer know what it feels like. Confidence, therefore can be a state of mind, firmly sharpened by constant use.

It’s not ‘just’ a feeling. Confidence is also a state of being. Like intelligence, without constant use, it can also be stripped away. You used to have this get-up-and-go. Life, unfortunately has taught you to be more careful, to think more – and for longer. You’ve allowed life to shave the sharp end off your omph. You’ve let go of that sense of what made you push forward with that ‘I can do it spirit’. You’ve just let it fall out of your hand by slow and steady release.

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