‘How to get confidence’ is a guest post by Dennis Do

“That’s One Small Step For a Man”

Neil Armstrong is the fearless man who quoted this headline. He was the first man to travel out of space. This is an action that seems unreal and imaginary for some of us. So what if I told you to suit up, and travel to the moon tomorrow? Would you be able to take that ‘one giant leap for mankind’?

Unfortunately, many people are given advice that are too general. Growing up, I was never talkative or outgoing. I had problems when it came to socializing with others.  I was sick of who I was, and  just wanted to become the opposite of me. I wanted good friends, people who thought that I was charismatic, and just a friendly person all-round.  But the most general tip people gave me was: “Just talk to people” or “Be more confident then!”

The advice was right on the money. Surely, it would change me into who I’d love to become. The problem isn’t that it was wrong, but that was just too general. That’s just like me telling you to go to outer space without any prior training—which by the way starts tomorrow at 6 AM. Get suited up!

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The loss of self-confidence bug will affect everyone at some point in their lives. You can be hit with it out of the blue – sometimes even after confident periods in your life. There’s no set reason why this is so. Life happens and a series of let-downs, or a group of unfortunate events can bring it on. Perhaps after trying for years at something which refuses to come together we may realise the hard way that there are more ways than one to build self confidence. This realisation can hit us for six.

At other times, it’s difficult not to feel like the world is conspiring against you – even when you know this can’t possibly be true. Isn’t it amazing how bad things happen – in a series of events – when you’re already at your lowest?

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Have you ever been told that the obvious answer is probably the right one? We spend our lives looking for ways to build confidence. We waste so much time waiting for the right person and the right time to come along that we miss too much of what’s happening right in front of us. We have our eyes closed so tightly dreaming airy dreams of things that would never happen, that we can’t see obvious opportunities staring us right in the face. 

Self confidence aides are great and I even recommend some helpful ones on this blog (at the link). But studying them and never putting them into practise is missing the obvious answer where building confidence is concerned.

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Self confidence is not… We’ve talked a lot about how to build confidence on this blog. We even published self-confidence apps and dedicate an entire page to build confidence aides. On ‘How to Build Confidence’ we’ve explored how confidence is built, what to do to boost your confidence and ways to take that forward-step in your life. Today I wanted to publish a short post concentrating on what self-confidence is not. I came across the picture below on the Internet. Unfortunately, I don’t know who owns it or where it originates. If you took this photograph please contact me and I’ll add your link as a credit. 

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Will it break or make you asks a simple question, but it’s a principal that affects all aspects of your life when it comes to building confidence.  It’s also a question that’s most important when making practical, life-changing decisions while things are tough in your life. After all, isn’t it during the tough times that we make the crucial decisions about the direction we want our lives to take? Yes, will it make or break you?

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Change your life right now! What does it take? Most people know that it takes a while before a person can reach his goals and change his life. And while this is a an unquestionable fact, it  doesn’t mean that you can’t make small changes to improve your life in few weeks if not  in few days!

While you can’t reach your life’s goals overnight you still can take small actions that can help you live a better life almost instantly. Here are some quick-fix ways below. Be warned though: quick fixes fade as quickly as they appear. The best way to build true confidence is to employ these and other skills on this blog on a long-term basis. Additional reading: 5 ways to boost confidence in 48 hours.

This is a guest post by Farouk Radwan.

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The way to boost confidence is not just by reading every self-confidence book there is going.  The foundation to boosting confidence is laid by enriching the person you are,  first from the inside. We do this by first eliminating the stress  we feel about not being confident in the first place. You see, if you’re not actively looking to boost confidence, but are concentrating on self-fulfilment instead, this makes you happy with yourself, so you ‘seem’ confident. 

Remember that self-confidence doesn’t come from the outside.  It’s the way you react to external situation which causes the let-down you feel about yourself.  Confident people are those who stay upbeat even in rough times, and positive in times of distress.  If good times categorically brought elation – and hard times desperation, then we would all be a bunch of depressed people.

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