Have you worked so hard at  achieving something only to end up with nothing show for it in the end? Have you considered there are more ways than one to achieve your goal? Confidence is a shy companion. No matter how much confidence you build up he can seep gradually into the background if you keep getting knock-backs in your life.  A person bubbling over with confidence can be a dribbling wreck – a shell of a person if everything they tried their hands on in one year has gone to mush. Like we said, confidence is a shy creature.

There are more ways than one


even in a maze, there are more ways than one to get to the goal

I live on a busy street in a small village. About 5 minutes away from us, there’s a huge housing estate and everyone who lives there has to travel on my road to get to the city centre for work during the morning rush hour. In addition, I live a stone’s throw away from a large secondary school. Each morning the traffic outside our house is manic as parents try to drop off their kids to school, driving slowly so as not to hit any of the hundreds of kids who amble on the pavement (side walk) on their way to school. The only thing that makes the morning rush bearable is the beautiful line of large trees which stand on the side of the road opposite our house.

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