we all start out unfinished

 It’s easy to say, ‘change your life’, isn’t it? But what does this mammoth task involve? What does someone have to do in order to change their life – grow their life? Do they have to move house? Get divorced? Get married? Quit their dead end job? How can you take something as important as a life and change it or grow it? The answer is simpler than you think.

When we find the answer to changing our life in order to grow into the person we know we are on the inside, what does it take to implement? But not only this, can the weak and imperfect change their lives? Some may say, ‘I’m poor, I have no opportunities’. ‘I’m uneducated, I have no options’. ‘I’m a single parent, I have no time’. ‘I’m from a minority ethnic group, I have no power’. ‘I’m too young, I have no rights’. Is there a common soapbox on which someone can stand and address all these groups with the words, ‘Change your life, grow your life’?
This post is addressing especially those who feel they’re not worthy of achieving great things. You see, we all start out unfinished. It’s up to us to advance and emerge into something great. Like the hellebore flower on the top left, we don’t reach our full potential in the earlier years of our lives (it takes longer for some of us). If we did, what would there be to hope for, right? The truth is, even the badly-formed or the least talented can change their lives and grow into something remarkable. 

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We looked at this article where we discussed, How to Build Confidence to Delegate. We examined the three main reasons people can’t delegate and came up with some revealing issues about personalities which were frankly depressing. This is not the end of the story though. We all know that the first part to rectifying a problem is accepting that it exists. Now that we’ve identified these areas that need work, let’s look at the three ways we can build confidence to delegate.

Please note: it would be better to read part one of this article before continuing with this one. 

How to build confidence to delegate: 2


having the confidence to delegate frees you to enjoy beauties of life

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How to Build Confidence to Delegate will show you 3 main reasons people cannot delegate and how to break the spell and build confidence to do so (in the second half). A lot of people prefer to do everything themselves, no matter how stressful this becomes. Do you know someone like this? Are you this person? Being unable to delegate says more about you, than about the person to whom the delegation is/isn’t made. 

How to build confidence to delegate


filling your life with jobs others can do will block view of the beauties of life

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