How To Build Confidence in the Positives is a short, self-esteem post to help you boost your confidence in the good things in life. Are you someone who can’t enjoy the good things in your life because you’re constantly looking out for the negative pay-back you’ll get from that enjoyment?

Are you able to enjoy your vacation? Do you always worry about what’s going to happen at home once your vacation is over?

Do you sometimes worry about having good things happen to you because you’re preparing for the negative back-lash which will come after? Are you in effect caught in a self-doubt trap?

Is you confidence  in the positives life gives you so low that you stop yourself from enjoying them?

Do you feel ill when life is going your way? Are you today worrying about negative things that will never happen, ‘just so you’ll be prepared for them if they do happen?

You’ve obviously got no confidence in positives of life. You like being ‘kept on your toes’ with worry or stress. You won’t enjoy life because you’re scared that your enjoyment will somehow bring pain in the end as a payback. Here are some ways to build confidence in the positives. 

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