Y’all know I always harper on about building self confidence. Mainly, I like to talk about how confidence has nothing to do with your past. You can reap it whether your past was a fertile ground for it to grow in or not.

I know my book, Sunday’s Child (available in all e-formats) proves that without me having to rehash it all here. The good news is that Sunday’s Child is now out as an audio book. If  you haven’t got time to read it, you can always listen to it in your car. My publishers have also said that it will be out in hard copy by December.

I just thought I’d share the great news with you! My confidence-building boost for you this week is:

If a poor, beaten girl from a third world country (who often had no shoes to wear on her feet and no food to eat) can do this, then so can you!  Get up and walk all over that bile of a thing that’s holding you down!

I also have a new interview out at Wake Up To Your True Identity. See you soon and have a great week!

PS. I do have material to write – actually 🙂 I’ve just chosen not to write anything else this week.

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