You know the difference between dunno and donut, right? Sure, you do! You know what a dunno is. You’ve had it loads of times!  And you also know what a d0nut is. (We spell it ‘doughnut’. However, I’m using the US version in my post title because it’s shorter for my url). A doughnut is a hole in the middle with sweet-stuff round the edges. A dunno is a hole in the middle with no-stuff around it.

My 11-year old daughter asked me yesterday what I wanted for Christmas. I said, ‘Dunno’.

‘A doughnut!’ she said. ‘Why do you want a doughnut?’

‘No,’ I replied. ‘Not a doughnut. I don’t know

‘Well, if you don’t know,’ she said, ‘You won’t get anything. At least a doughnut is something.’

Out of the mouths of babes….

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