Change your life right now! What does it take? Most people know that it takes a while before a person can reach his goals and change his life. And while this is a an unquestionable fact, it  doesn’t mean that you can’t make small changes to improve your life in few weeks if not  in few days!

While you can’t reach your life’s goals overnight you still can take small actions that can help you live a better life almost instantly. Here are some quick-fix ways below. Be warned though: quick fixes fade as quickly as they appear. The best way to build true confidence is to employ these and other skills on this blog on a long-term basis. Additional reading: 5 ways to boost confidence in 48 hours.

This is a guest post by Farouk Radwan.

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The way to boost confidence is not just by reading every self-confidence book there is going.  The foundation to boosting confidence is laid by enriching the person you are,  first from the inside. We do this by first eliminating the stress  we feel about not being confident in the first place. You see, if you’re not actively looking to boost confidence, but are concentrating on self-fulfilment instead, this makes you happy with yourself, so you ‘seem’ confident. 

Remember that self-confidence doesn’t come from the outside.  It’s the way you react to external situation which causes the let-down you feel about yourself.  Confident people are those who stay upbeat even in rough times, and positive in times of distress.  If good times categorically brought elation – and hard times desperation, then we would all be a bunch of depressed people.

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