‘Confidence To Have Peace’ seeks to explore the possibility that we take on too much in our lives. It will offer some ideas for you to take (or not), but mainly to discuss what brings us peace and how we can all have it in our lives. Have the confidence to  find peace and keep it in your life! Have the confidence to accept that life is not just about achieving, but about being

A lot of the things we do are extra stuff we feel we have to take on. Many of the pressures we put on ourselves like our growing expenses and circle of friends we ‘must’ keep up with are things we could safely get rid of without a negative impact on our lives (or that of our loved ones).

What are you taking on in our life that is putting more unnecessary pressure on than you can handle? As a believer, sometimes we think we’re responsible for bearing the burden of what only God can, and wants to do. 

It’s time to let God handle the heavy things in your life and free yourself of some of that burden. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the peace available to you. Here are some ways to do so.

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