Confidence building may be tough for people like us who’ve had difficult starts in life. However, like tulips, if we were planted in a shady spot, we just have to grow taller to reach where the sunlight IS available. I know this because I had to. And if I could build confidence, anyone can. Here’s your confidence building booster for today. If you have anything to add please tell us in the comment box below. 

I went to a shop recently to get some material to make a bed spread. (I’m into interior design and love to make stuff for our home). A little, old, Chinese woman was also in there shopping. She was probably 5 foot tall and weighed about 100 pounds. This was what called my attention to her in the first place. As some of you know, I’m almost 6 foot tall.

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It takes a lot of self confidence and self esteem to step up and keep stepping up when life gets rough. Like the stairs below, it’s difficult to see the very top step when we’re viewing it from the bottom. Sometimes the top becomes clearer when someone points it out. We then become more confident and are able to get there because we can see that glimmer of hope.  

In this case, the top of the steps in the picture below is beside the glimmer of light you can see near the the tree on the right. Now I’ve raised your confidence that the top is in view, you can finally see it. You’re more comfortable now you know where it is. Your self-esteem about being able to climb there is growing by the minute. 

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Boost your confidence in 48 hours was written for people who’re feeling a bit nervous or scared about doing an upcoming activity. It may be defending your thesis, starting a new job, going for an interview, going on a first date etc. This article is to provide an easy, temporary fix to building confidence. This piece will give you all you need for the confidence you deserve to do the job at hand. If you’re looking for overall confidence boosting activity and tips you’ve come to the right place. Just look around and read the rest of the confidence articles on this site. 

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Are you caught in a  self-doubt trap? Are you sitting in your chair right now watching you life spiral out of your control?

The story is told of how trappers cruelly caught monkeys in the forest. They would put a piece of fruit in a small-mouthed jar and tie it to a tree. It was just a simple thing really. Just get a clear jar with a small enough opening for the monkey to be able to fit his paw in. Cut a piece of fruit – any fruit monkeys are known to eat, place it into the jar and tie the jar to a tree. The trappers would then leave the jar in the forest overnight. 

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Body confidence is something anyone can build, regardless of their body’s shape, size or weight. We all know short people, big people, tall people, skinny people, disabled people etc., who’re equally confident about their bodies. We also know another group of the aforementioned list who’re lacking in body confidence. 

But what is it that makes one person less or more body confident than the other person? It’s certainly not their body shape or size, or there would never be successful people who’re unattractive, right? Right! It must be something else then. Regardless of what you think of your body there has to be (at least) one great thing about it – your legs, your hair, your voice, your dimples… the list is enormous. Look at the picture below. I took this picture of a tiny, white water lily at the very end of its growing season.  The lily itself was not a great – it was one of the puniest I’ve ever seen. However, taken against the background of the shabby,  unimpressive leaves, the lily seems a perfect specimen!

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‘How to get confidence’ is a guest post by Dennis Do

“That’s One Small Step For a Man”

Neil Armstrong is the fearless man who quoted this headline. He was the first man to travel out of space. This is an action that seems unreal and imaginary for some of us. So what if I told you to suit up, and travel to the moon tomorrow? Would you be able to take that ‘one giant leap for mankind’?

Unfortunately, many people are given advice that are too general. Growing up, I was never talkative or outgoing. I had problems when it came to socializing with others.  I was sick of who I was, and  just wanted to become the opposite of me. I wanted good friends, people who thought that I was charismatic, and just a friendly person all-round.  But the most general tip people gave me was: “Just talk to people” or “Be more confident then!”

The advice was right on the money. Surely, it would change me into who I’d love to become. The problem isn’t that it was wrong, but that was just too general. That’s just like me telling you to go to outer space without any prior training—which by the way starts tomorrow at 6 AM. Get suited up!

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The loss of self-confidence bug will affect everyone at some point in their lives. You can be hit with it out of the blue – sometimes even after confident periods in your life. There’s no set reason why this is so. Life happens and a series of let-downs, or a group of unfortunate events can bring it on. Perhaps after trying for years at something which refuses to come together we may realise the hard way that there are more ways than one to build self confidence. This realisation can hit us for six.

At other times, it’s difficult not to feel like the world is conspiring against you – even when you know this can’t possibly be true. Isn’t it amazing how bad things happen – in a series of events – when you’re already at your lowest?

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