This post will give you the ‘pick me up‘ you need in a few short sentences. Do you feel a bit down? Are you looking for a way to just put that spark back into your life today? Is your mood letting you down – not allowing you to feel the way you want to feel?  Well then, jump aboard! 

Everything today is about quick and easy access. Chopped vegetables, microwaveable dinners, two-in-one-shampoos, online-banking; and the list dribbles on. Here’s my version of quick and easy fixes when it comes to that brisk pick-me-up. 

Today’s pick me up


little pick me ups capture the beauty from the inside, then radiate it outward - like the detail of this water lily

Pick me up 1. Do a good deed to help someone out

Even if it’s just buying coffee for the homeless guy sitting outside your office, or putting down your work for a few minutes to talk through a colleague’s problem with her/him. Giving of yourself increases and builds up who you are. It’s one of the main confidence building activities we’ve studied, so the next time you help solve a problem (most likely your own) you’ll be better and quicker at doing it.

Pick me up 2. Do things rather than hoard things

In other words, instead of going shopping, go to a museum, a theatre, a game, a day-course. Invest in you. You’re worth it! Experiences build you up. Shoes and clothes add nothing to the person you are or want to be. Besides, at the end of the spree, you feel worse because you’ve spent way too much – yet again.

 Pick me up 3. Go for a brisk walk

Here it is again. Exercise is great not only for your body, but for your mind. Walk 10 minutes away from your house so your total walk adds up to 20 minutes. You’ll come back home lighter in mind and body. You’ll feel revived and happy with yourself. In addition to a pick me up, this element is also featured in our confidence building apps post.

Pick me up 4. Take care of an indoor plant

There’s a certain sense of achievement and purpose which comes with taking care of and nurturing a plant. There’s none of the expense and responsibility that accompanies having a pet or – dare I say – kids. Keeping something alive, watering, and even talking to it, lifts your spirit. If you don’t have a plant it’s time to get one.

Pick me up 5.  Go to sleep earlier

Not only to get enough sleep, but so that you can wake up earlier too. People in South America where I grew up believe the early morning air replenishes your body and soul. They take their babies for a walk first thing every morning before doing anything else. The morning air wakes you up (you can take your walk or just go outdoors for a gulp of fresh, clean air before the cars have revved up). Waking up early keeps the brain clear and sharp because you’re not greeting your day in a rush and panic. Best of all, you give yourself the time to have breakfast.

What are some other quick pick me ups you’ve used? Please share them in the comment box so that we can all benefit from something you’ve tried and tested. If you enjoyed ‘Pick Me Up’ please share it on your favourite social networking site. Thank you.

4 Responses to “Pick Me Up”

  1. Oh Boy do I have to work on number 5! I stay up too late and it throws me off, both physically and mentally. I’m in front of my computer working late with people on the other side of the world. I find myself doing this later and later.
    I try to work on it, but now, after reading this I Am going to apply it. Now that I have written this down, I am accountable to you my friend and will let you know my progress.
    When we commit to something it is good to know that you have spoke or written the word. I just did!
    Going to bed late makes me lazy during the day and unfocused mentally. I know it is wrong, but you have given me a push and I appreciate it.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Art of Active ListeningMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thank you for your comment, Donna. What you said is so true. Verifying something by speaking or writing it down makes such an impact on us.
      The thing about it is that if we worked a 9 to 5 job, we could let everything down when we go home. We have our work with us all the time and the temptation to work constantly is very strong.
      There needs to be a separation of ‘me’ time and work time. It’s difficult, but for sanity sake, we have to work at it.
      Please let me know how you get on, please.
      Anne recently posted..Get Rid Of DampMy Profile

  2. marquita herald says:

    Wonderful ‘pick me up’ tips Anne! My favorite is to use things not hoard them … I have a set of the most amazing tea cups left to me by my great-grandmother. For years they sat gathering dust in my china cabinet because I didn’t want to take a chance on breaking one. Finally I realized that the best (only) way to really honor her was to use them and truly enjoy them for the beautiful, fragile things they are. Now when I need a pick-me-up, I’ll treat myself to a nice cup of tea in one of her tea cups and sit out on my deck enjoying my view of the West Maui Mountains.

  3. Anne says:

    I love the fact that you use your great-grandmother’s tea cups to honour her. That’s so touching. I can just imagine you there, sitting and sipping tea, remembering her and enjoying the view. Nice one, Marty.
    Anne recently posted..Notice Board For Kids BedroomMy Profile

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