How To Build Confidence in the Positives is a short, self-esteem post to help you boost your confidence in the good things in life. Are you someone who can’t enjoy the good things in your life because you’re constantly looking out for the negative pay-back you’ll get from that enjoyment?

Are you able to enjoy your vacation? Do you always worry about what’s going to happen at home once your vacation is over?

Do you sometimes worry about having good things happen to you because you’re preparing for the negative back-lash which will come after? Are you in effect caught in a self-doubt trap?

Is you confidence  in the positives life gives you so low that you stop yourself from enjoying them?

Do you feel ill when life is going your way? Are you today worrying about negative things that will never happen, ‘just so you’ll be prepared for them if they do happen?

You’ve obviously got no confidence in positives of life. You like being ‘kept on your toes’ with worry or stress. You won’t enjoy life because you’re scared that your enjoyment will somehow bring pain in the end as a payback. Here are some ways to build confidence in the positives. 

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If you’re like my son, you don’t like school. However, one school we all have to attend is the school of life, and learn life lessons from living in this world. There’s no dropping out, no playing truant, no ‘pulling sickies’. The school of life teaches us many things – one of the major lessons we learn is how to build confidence to make use of the things we’re taught there. Each day, each lesson takes us closer to building and boosting our confidence levels. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you’re already enrolled in a school of life. I’m going to also guess that when you ticked the ‘terms and conditions’ box to finalise your tuition you didn’t actually read the entire document. Therefore, I’m just going to reiterate some of the major points you may have forgotten over your years of constant attendance. 

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‘Confidence To Have Peace’ seeks to explore the possibility that we take on too much in our lives. It will offer some ideas for you to take (or not), but mainly to discuss what brings us peace and how we can all have it in our lives. Have the confidence to  find peace and keep it in your life! Have the confidence to accept that life is not just about achieving, but about being

A lot of the things we do are extra stuff we feel we have to take on. Many of the pressures we put on ourselves like our growing expenses and circle of friends we ‘must’ keep up with are things we could safely get rid of without a negative impact on our lives (or that of our loved ones).

What are you taking on in our life that is putting more unnecessary pressure on than you can handle? As a believer, sometimes we think we’re responsible for bearing the burden of what only God can, and wants to do. 

It’s time to let God handle the heavy things in your life and free yourself of some of that burden. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the peace available to you. Here are some ways to do so.

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Who determines your confidence? Who decides if you have self-confidence and what the level of it is? Who’s in charge of how you feel about yourself, how confidently you live your life or how able you are to achieve your goals? Is it you or others? If you’ve been allowing others to say things or do things to yo-yo your confidence you need to stop and read this story!

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How flexible are you? No, I’m not talking here about your ability to pull your legs behind your head in a standing position. How flexible are you as it relates to your personal growth and confidence building?Once you’ve identified the path you wish to take to improve yourself, do you then bang your head against a brick wall and keep at it, whether your plan is working or not?

Einstein has said to us that only fools try the same thing time after time – hoping for different results. Being focused and tenacious are great qualities to possess, but at which point do they become ‘pig-headedness’?

When it comes to building your confidence, are you at breaking point, or are you flexible enough to bend?

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Are you caught in a  self-doubt trap? Are you sitting in your chair right now watching you life spiral out of your control?

The story is told of how trappers cruelly caught monkeys in the forest. They would put a piece of fruit in a small-mouthed jar and tie it to a tree. It was just a simple thing really. Just get a clear jar with a small enough opening for the monkey to be able to fit his paw in. Cut a piece of fruit – any fruit monkeys are known to eat, place it into the jar and tie the jar to a tree. The trappers would then leave the jar in the forest overnight. 

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Y’all know I always harper on about building self confidence. Mainly, I like to talk about how confidence has nothing to do with your past. You can reap it whether your past was a fertile ground for it to grow in or not.

I know my book, Sunday’s Child (available in all e-formats) proves that without me having to rehash it all here. The good news is that Sunday’s Child is now out as an audio book. If  you haven’t got time to read it, you can always listen to it in your car. My publishers have also said that it will be out in hard copy by December.

I just thought I’d share the great news with you! My confidence-building boost for you this week is:

If a poor, beaten girl from a third world country (who often had no shoes to wear on her feet and no food to eat) can do this, then so can you!  Get up and walk all over that bile of a thing that’s holding you down!

I also have a new interview out at Wake Up To Your True Identity. See you soon and have a great week!

PS. I do have material to write – actually 🙂 I’ve just chosen not to write anything else this week.

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