How to have self confidence? Well, that’s not a difficult question. The answer exists very near you – you just have to dig deep to find it. We know that the lowliest tasks are the ones that lift our spirits higher. Serving others give us satisfaction and pleasure like no other task does. In order to find the lost coin, you need to bend down low, and the most precious diamonds are buried the deepest. These diamonds – in this case – is your confidence. It’s the thing that propels you forward to enable you to be all you could be. Without this precious element you’re stuck in your present state. We can’t have that!

You wouldn’t think to look at it twice, but the picture below is of a large, extremely expensive emerald. I don’t own it, (I wish!) but I took this picture at a museum I visited in London recently.


value exists. It only needs a bit of hard work

What struck me about this emerald is its physical unattractiveness. Not only is it not shiny, (something you expect from all precious metals) it’s dull, boring and grey all over. If I found it in my garden I would either throw it out or use it as a stone under a plant for decoration.

I couldn’t help drawing a parallel to our self-confidence journey. The seemingly ‘lame’ opportunities we’re given to build confidence sometimes give us the false belief they’re not worth our time. We think that these opportunities of calling up a stranger or reading a poem in public (or even fighting our corner) are not real confidence building exercises. However, on closer inspection (like this emerald) there is a lot of value in the rough. Grab any opportunity you can to do something out of your normal comfort zone. It’s these things that produce the building blocks with which we’ll form the foundation of confidence.

Just stop and attempt to do something you think is less than what you want. Take time off to take that journey which will take you only half way to where you want to be. (At least you’re half-way there, right?) Without a doubt you will find that jewel you seek, hidden within the rough bits. Stop and take time out today do something ‘lame’ that takes you out of that comfort zone you’ve built up over the years. And while you’re doing that, take a look at the following articles and confidence aides.

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