The way to boost confidence is not just by reading every self-confidence book there is going.  The foundation to boosting confidence is laid by enriching the person you are,  first from the inside. We do this by first eliminating the stress  we feel about not being confident in the first place. You see, if you’re not actively looking to boost confidence, but are concentrating on self-fulfilment instead, this makes you happy with yourself, so you ‘seem’ confident. 

Remember that self-confidence doesn’t come from the outside.  It’s the way you react to external situation which causes the let-down you feel about yourself.  Confident people are those who stay upbeat even in rough times, and positive in times of distress.  If good times categorically brought elation – and hard times desperation, then we would all be a bunch of depressed people.

So how do we build the foundation to boost our confidence?

Sometimes we allow the small percentage of people in the world who have fame and fortune to be the measuring stick against which we rate our lives and our success, thus our confidence.  We forget that unlike them we live normal lives, we have to manage our own finances, battle our own health and weight issues, raise our own children and travel without a posse to carry our physical and emotional baggage.

In order to do all of these things effectively, we need to forget the rat race to fame, fortune and outward boldness, and dedicate some time to boost confidence from within.  Let’s see how this is done by establishing an inner peace and self-fulfilment. Follow these 5 simple things everyone has the ability to do.


boost confidence: start with inner peace

Build confidence: start with inner peace and contentment

Even if you live in a flat, find time to pot up plants (even vegetables can be grown in pots with a measure of care) and look after them.  No one worries or feels inferior (or ‘not up to the job’) while gardening.  One only has to try it to see the psychological benefits and sense of achievement growing something from scratch brings.  Even if you aren’t one of the green-fingered bunch, maybe a good start for you would be to volunteer at a local garden centre for a few hours a week. You’ll find that the further your hands sink into the dirt, the deeper your problems get buried, and the higher your sense of self-satisfaction soars. Self-satisfaction, garnered from doing small things, is the start of building confidence.

Boost confidence: cook with reflection

Outline your ‘so-called’ short-comings on a clean sheet of paper, then under each of them, lay out the worst possible, and the best possible outcomes if you didn’t fix them.  At the end of the page, record what you think would actually happen (which would fall somewhere in-between). Have a look at the piece of paper when you feel low or uncertain.  Record all your successes, little ones and big ones. Record the way you coped with difficult or stressful situations. You’ll find that the worst possible outcome hardly ever happens.  Once your self-confidence starts to pick up, you’ll see that your worries about lack of confidence are mainly blown out of proportion inside your head. Many of them aren’t as bad as you think. When insecurities arise in the future you will have documented proof that the outcome is rarely as bad as you think. Additional reading: Boosting confidence activities.

Recharge confidence: season with your lowest point

This is why we were given the privilege – yes privilege – to cry.  There is nothing better to release hurt, anguish or lack of confidence like a good cry, especially if it’s on someone else’s shoulder.  Grab a friend and have a good cry.  If someone else is in need of a shoulder, lend one and let them cry.  Then have a deep long breath and feel the brunt of the hurt wash away. Pick yourself up and keep on growing. Your confidence journey, as long as you keep on the path, is maturing each day into something great.

Maintain confidence: choose a breathing place

A lot of times we’re breathing shallowly without even being aware of it.  Having a special breathing place will enable you to go there to relax and regroup.  A certain room, chair, bench, mat etc.  Soon just the act of taking time off and going to this designated spot will feed your confidence.  Breathe deeply and let go of mind-aches even if it’s for 10 minutes a day. Like other young siblings, my daughters argue with each other, so I’ve devised a way to make them take responsibility of talking through their differences with each other. Whenever their arguments escalate, I put them on the ‘talk mat’ which is a special mat used exclusively for this purpose.  I get the mat out, spread it on the floor and make them sit on it until they’ve come to a compromise which will suit them both.  I hardly ever get involved, I just let them sort it out. It used to take them ages to work things out.  Nowadays, even if they’re screaming at each other, the sight of the mat induces calm.  In no time they work things out and come to find me to tell me of the solution.

Similarly, a confidence place will at first seem odd, but it’ll soon start to work for you. Use it as a place to reflect on all your recent successes, no matter how small. These are your badges. Always wear them in your breathing place. This will become a place you can travel to at any time when you’re feeling you can’t keep up. Additional reading: Boost confidence tips

Get body confidence: eat healthily

Once you’ve done all of the above, the next step is to get body confident. (You can see how to get body confident here). We all know that if you look good, you feel good. To achieve body confidence  eat natural foods like fruit, nuts, grains, and drink lots of water.  A good, clean diet makes you look good, keeps you young and feeling great.  When external troubles hit a healthy happy individual, he/she is more able to cope than someone who’s overweight, underweight, unhealthy and dehydrated. Also, when external criticism hits a person who has body confidence they’re able to bounce back and regroup quickly and easily.

With peace and self-fulfilment on our side, we’ve laid the ground work to boosting confidence.  Low points are still likely to attack, but not as often, and certainly not with it’s acute blow. In the meantime, please share Boost Confidence: 5 Top Ways To Do It. Thank you for visiting and for commenting. Please have a look at our boost confidence aides to help you on your first rung of the ladder.

This post comes to you from Morganne Leigh, who writes for Speedy Loans

13 Responses to “Boost Confidence: 5 Top Ways To Do It”

  1. marquita herald says:

    Lovely message Anne. I especially appreciate your advice to look inward and not compare ourselves to others – that can be so tempting to do, but in the process it becomes far too easy to overlook the special things that make each of us unique to this world. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Anne says:

      Exactly, Marty. We’re all unique and we just have to use our talents to make life better for ourselves. Most of the frustrating things in life stem from the fact that people are trying to be like, or do the same as another person. We can be equally successful – just not in the same way and through the same portals.
      Anne recently posted..Make Your Own Wall StorageMy Profile

  2. Mariella Lombardi says:

    Hi Anne,
    great article. I was just reading about confidence and the need to nurture it on another blog and I totally agree that this must be a daily thing to do. I find that taking things one at a time gives me confidence to go all the way and not stumble before I reach my goals.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..US Marine Replaces TRX Destroyed By a Roadside Bomb – The Benefits of Using the TRX Suspension Training!My Profile

    • Anne says:

      I find this really helpful too, Mariella. I think this is something I took a long time to learn, but now it’s something I always remind myself of. Big tasks appear small if you break them up into smaller portions. You just have to develop the patience to address one part at a time.
      Anne recently posted..Make Your Own Wall StorageMy Profile

  3. Excellent article Anne – as usual-

    I especially like having a breathing space. That space we create is so important. Once maintained, no one can disturb you there. You become so used to it that once you sit down, you automatically get into that peaceful mind.

    Eating healthy is also important. Food is not only something that can hinder your body, but also can hinder your mood.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Law Of Attraction – How It Worked For Me!My Profile

  4. farouk says:

    i love this article
    it contains real valuable information and not just a repetition of the same old concepts
    you have done a great job

  5. Geoff Reese says:

    All great points and suggestions. I like the part about, “the privilege – yes privilege – to cry.”

    It’s okay to express emotions and feel them. The problem is when there’s no time limit to it and a person begins to feed on it.

    When I had a counseling practice, I used to give people a “worry time” or “anger time.” Pick a time limit to feel it. But then move on and have some constructive solutions from it.

    Stay Strong and Be Inspired.
    Geoff Reese recently posted..You Can’t Start Over But You Can StartMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thanks Geoff. You’ve raised a very important point. I think I talked about that ‘period’ of grief in another article. But as you said, it’s so easy to fall into a rut and be constantly depressed.

      I agree with the worry time. Give yourself a time limit to wallow. When this time is up. Get up, wipe yourself off and move on. Thanks so much for your input.
      Anne recently posted..DIY Anti-Burglar ProjectsMy Profile

  6. Anne, you write with such beauty and grace. Earlier this week I was struggling with a self confidence issue at work, and I thought of your blog, and specifically about this post title. I thought, “I’ve got to read that post!” And here I am. I love your tip about writing down shortcomings, and accepting the worst possible outcomes. Oftentimes I find that my confidence levels dip at the end of a long work day, so I’ve learned to sleep on it. Or to shelve it until the morning. But it’s also important to write it down and reflect on whether there are constructive ways to increase our confidence. Maybe we really do need some training or coaching in that area, for example.
    Steve Borgman recently posted..Self Development At WorkMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thank you, Steve. That’s very kind of you.

      Someone very close to me has a similar situation. His work environment tends to decrease his confidence – not because he’s unable to do it, but because his efforts aren’t being noticed.

      When we have hard rocks placed in our lives they can either crush us or we can use them to climb on. The choice is ours. You have to stare hardship in the face. Stare it down hard. Decide it’s not going to get you down and that the only one who will rise triumphant from the ruins is you – not it. Hardship can break our confidence or build character. These are the only two things it will/could do. What’s it going to be? Build or break?

      Thanks for dropping by, Steve.
      Anne recently posted..DIY Anti-Burglar ProjectsMy Profile

  7. sally brown says:

    Hi Anna,

    Very good post. I use gardening and cooking to feel good about myself because these are things I know I do well. I hadn’t thought about it until reading your post. Thanks for the reminder to do something we like to boost our confidence. Sally
    sally brown recently posted..A New Friend to the RescueMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Hi Sally. I’m so glad we could remind you to do something to build up your confidence. Teaching someone how to do something you know well is also a great way to boost confidence. Maybe this is also something you could do?
      Anne recently posted..DIY Anti-Burglar ProjectsMy Profile

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