Boost confidence when feeling low because this is the very thing  to put that sprint back into your step. Life puts all kinds of pressures on us, and even if you’re generally a very self-confident person you can still be negatively affected when things fail to go the way you thought they would. This article is to help those who’re experiencing a low period in their lives. If you’d like to know how to build your confidence from scratch these articles will help you. Build confidence and How to build confidence.  However, today we’ll look at temporary things you can do to get that spring back into your step.

I know of several people who feel blue or slightly depressed in the dark, cloudy winter months. This can put tremendous pressures on their relationship and work life. Full performance is really not an option when you’re feeling down and confidence levels need a boost. You only survive from day to day with just enough will to carry on. Thankfully there’s help at hand. Confidence building aides are also widely available.

Boost confidence when feeling low


boost confidence: let it flow

The image above suggests a calm surrounding. Through the branches of the trees overlooking the stream, you can see a lone bench. My aim in this photograph was to capture the peacefulness reflection can bring. Boost confidence when feeling low, by first finding somewhere you can sit undisturbed. You need to find a peaceful place, preferably with flowing water (it helps you relax). Leave your temporary feelings of inadequacy at bay and concentrate on the following 4 points of reflection.

Boost confidence by reflecting on your strengths

Feelings of inadequacy are a large part of the reason we’ve lost faith in ourselves. This exercise will help you regain some of that ‘get-up-and-go’ you know you have. It will help you realise that the loss of confidence is not here to stay. It’s fleeting and is only a temporary stepping stone (not stumbling block) to help you cross over to better things. If it helps, write down your strengths on a piece of paper and read them out loud. You can be your own therapist. To boost your confidence, read out your strengths in your own voice so you can hear yourself say them. This is your way of reaffirming your worth.

Boost confidence by reflecting on things you’ve gotten right in your life

With the calmness around you, reflect on the things you’ve gotten right in your life. Think about each one. If you were able to get those things right (and they weren’t easy at the time), you can get more things right too. Think of the brilliant choices you made. If you didn’t have enough wisdom to make those choices you wouldn’t be where you are today. You wouldn’t have that person in your life, and you certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things you now have. You are brilliant and can make good choices. This temporary ‘down’  may mean you have forgotten how clever you are. Life’s downs are the very things that make the ‘ups’ so fantastic. Build on your downs because when you’re up again you will be making those ‘right’ choices once more. Boosting confidence by affirming your good choices is one thing that never fails!

Boost confidence by reflecting on the first step of achieving your goal

What is it you want to achieve now? What is it that’s bothering you? Why can’t you give your confidence the boost you’ve been looking for? What has happened to hit your confidence? Why are you feeling low? Okay, the hardest part is over now you have the answers to those questions. The second hardest part is to figure out the first step in fixing it. Don’t look at the big picture. This is the one time you can’t do that. The way to boost your confidence in this part of the exercise is to think only of the first step you have to take. Once you’ve sorted this answer, go ahead and take that step. Now you’re ready to solve the problem. You’ve taken the first bite. The hard part is over. Now continue with the rest of the job.

Boost confidence when feeling low by taking notice of what works

This part of the exercise is to be done once you’re on the road to your boost-confidence recovery. Take notes of what worked to get you out of the rut so you can use them next time to get the job done faster. Yes, there will be a next time. That’s life and we’ve already said that the bad bits are what makes you appreciate the good bits better. The bad bits are also the bits that form the strong person you are. Without them you wouldn’t be you, and you’d only be half as strong as you are.  Knowing that you have the tools to boost your confidence in rough times makes you more confident. There’s our virtuous circle completed.

Conclusion to ‘boost confidence when feeling low’

Don’t be hard on yourself. This doesn’t help. You forgive people for making mistakes because you understand they’re only human. Give yourself the same treatment. Sometimes the expectations we place on ourselves can injure our confidence. Now you know how to boost confidence, do these exercises and let your spirit soar once again.

As always, thanks for visiting and for your comments. Please share your experiences in boosting confidence in the comment box below. What works for you? Also, please share ‘Boost confidence when feeling low’ with someone else you know will benefit from it. I’d also appreciate it if you shared it on your favourite networking sites. Thank you.

10 Responses to “Boost Confidence When Feeling Low”

  1. Nancy Shields says:

    Hello Anne,

    Thank you for visiting and adding me to your blog roll – I have asked my blog man to add you as well for I love what you write and stand for – it’s all about being positive and living in a way that we can be examples of “love”….

    Great statement: Life’s downs are the very things that make the ‘ups’ so fantastic. I find that in my hardest days and times, this is when I used this time to reflect – I love to say that you must dwell into the pain to go through the pain – it’s difficult fo certain but the reward is GREAT!

    In love and light my new friend,

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks, Nancy. I know what you mean. Being happy is great and wonderful, but happiness doesn’t really teach us that much – except that material possessions can’t hack it. 🙂

    Pain is difficult and I’ve experienced a lot of it in my life. Hard as it is to say, my pain is what makes me who I am today and I like that person.
    Anne recently posted..HGTVMy Profile

  3. Hi Anne, Thank you for such a wonderful post that could inspire people and actually is a stepping stone to change their lives. A quiet place – that picture is amazing. One can make that their picture in their minds where they go whenever they need to reflect. So many people disregard their strengths, making a list is so important. It is something the subconscious could see and hear and that is the root to change ourselves. In NLP -changing brain thoughts to a positive, it is so helpful to do that. In fact it is great to say it loud so the brain can hear that Positive Reinforcement.
    And lastly, it is great that you wrote about not being to hard on yourself. There is a critic in your mind always that puts you down from a past experience. It is so important to overcome that and change your brain.
    As it is said: We can only change ourselves.
    Thank you for a most inspiring post
    Donna Merrill recently posted..A Day In The Life Of A “Life Coach”My Profile

  4. Hi Anne,
    Your first two points are especially vital. By drawing on our strengths & successes that we have used in the past will get us into a better ‘state’. Some need assistance on identifying their strengths however once done, doors begin to open Thankyou.
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted..21 more Self Discovery Questions for the 40+’s……enriching your Mid Life Journey in 2012My Profile

  5. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Anne,

    As you point out in your post, an important factor of self confidence is a positive outlook on life.
    If you consider that 70% of our thoughts are negative then it is easy to see why we want to beat up ourselves and focus on lack most of the time. Somehow along the way we became programmed to self sabotage all good in our lives.

    Your tips are awesome, but of course we need to work on adopting new behavior patterns.

    thanks for sharing the insight!


  6. This are great reason why we always should stay in the race even when all is not going as we expected. Thanks for this confidence boosters
    Odesanya Taiwo recently posted..Former Army Soldier Sentenced For Killing Wife, BabyMy Profile

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