Body confidence is not that hard to achieve. A lot of young people think that body confidence is the enjoyment we get from people admiring how perfect we are. They think that in order to be body confident, you have to have perfect teeth, smooth skin, be a perfect size 10 and have the best combination of what ever hair-type is the fad at any given time. (I worked with teenagers for 10 years). We see how silly this idea is when we look at celebrities who go to extreme measures to ‘have the perfect body’.

Aren’t they already being held in esteem by others? Aren’t they revered and longed for? Aren’t their bodies the ones we’re supposed to strive for? Yet they’re starving themselves and going under painful procedures to maintain that apparent ‘perfect body’. Now,  if they aren’t body confident with all the seeming ‘perfection’ they strive for, what really does give a person body confidence?

How you can get body confidence


a ripple starts in the middle and radiates outwards 

Look at the picture above. In order to make the ripple I threw a little stone into the water. I didn’t aim, I just threw something in. I knew that no matter how much I wanted that ripple to form, standing on the shoreline and staring at the water could not bring about the desired result. I threw my little stone in, and instantly a small ripple began to form. Before I could take the picture, there were several outer lines around my original, little ripple. Soon, I had some outer ripples forming as the lines expanded, naturally covering a progressively wider and wider area.

Build body confidence by starting small

You’ve got to take action. Make a decision and stick to it. In the same way I picked up a stone and threw it into the water, you’ve got to decide that having the perfect body isn’t going to get you body confidence. You’ve got to start by changing something small within yourself. Confidence is never built from the outside looking in. As we said in an earlier article, confidence is a journey, not a destination. It’s built only from the inside. When you change that little thing inside that realises body confidence is not built on perfection (because no one is perfect), you’ll understand that confidence is only attained by learning to love what you already have.

Build body confidence by taking the plunge

Don’t just stand and stare. Act! Get something and throw it in. Make a plan of action, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and take the first step to building confidence in your body. If you need to exercise, take the first, tiny step. You don’t need to work out how long you will do it for, or how many hours you’ll take. Just take that first, little step, cut your plan up into little, manageable pieces and start there. The ripple of confidence will start to form inside you as you learn to work with what you have.

Body confidence comes from within and spirals outwards

Again, my ripples went outwards, not inwards. When you take your first step and start to build your body confidence, others will look at you in a different light. The way you feel about yourself will soon reflect in the way you walk, talk, move around and interact with others. You’ll walk brisker and taller. You’ll be more confident in the way you speak and people will take more notice of what you say and want. The more confident you become, the more your ripples will extend outwards. After a while the way people behave towards you will become a positive catch 22 – you’re confident, others treat you with more respect because you are, you become more confident because others treat you with more respect. Your body confidence is realised for what it is; not a perfect body, but a body you’re happy with and accept – a body which is perfect for you! It’s as simple as making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Have you got other ways of building body confidence? Have you got any of your own experiences to share about your own journey to building your body confidence? Whether you’re a teenager just finding your way around to build your confidence, or you’re an adult who’ve struggled for years, please let us know so we can share the help and the love all around. While you’re here, don’t forget to read, What is confidence and Build your confidence in 48 hours. Also, if you like confidence building aides, we have a page for this too. 

As always thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to share this post with others who can benefit from it.

22 Responses to “Body Confidence In Easy Steps”

  1. Erma from KolomSehat says:

    I like this idea “Body confidence comes from within and spirals outwards” and yes, I do agree with that; and it deals with how we look at ourselves, isn’t it? 🙂
    Erma recently posted..Fakta Menangis: Keluarnya Airmata Baik Untuk Kesehatan?My Profile

  2. Luke Lee from joycheapbuy says:

    I agree with you in some way,Anne.what I always do is look upon myself without comparing to others.I think you just need to be the only “you”,If you feel everything right,then you’re confident.Confidence makes you beautiful!
    Luke Lee recently posted..1300mAh battery with protected system ego tankMy Profile

  3. Tahir Raza says:

    I always lack in body confidence but your post gave me alot of practical tips to overcome that..Thanks!!

  4. Shah Nawaz says:

    I would like to also include the aspect of being close to nature. You’re truly what you are when you are closest to nature. One of my friends said that but i didnt believe her and to be honest she was true.
    All i did was to observe the rising of the sun and it showed me that each and everything in the world has its own significance. I know its sound philosophy but still in my eyes, its worth a go 🙂
    Looking to read more of your posts.
    Shah Nawaz recently posted..Average Cost CurvesMy Profile

  5. Hiten says:

    Hi Anne,

    This was a wonderful post! To share a little about my own experiences in this area. I’m quite slim in build and went through a phase when I was younger, believing I needed to be built and muscular in order to be confident. Anyhow, my real confidence and happiness in the way I was happened when I began to work on my inner world and my self-esteem in terms of my thoughts and beliefs about myself. By doing so I didn’t care that I was slim in build, as I was confident in myself.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted..How to Deal With RejectionMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      Exactly, Hiten! No matter what we look like, we can be body confident. If this weren’t true, the paralympics would not exist. So many people worry about a relatively tiny ‘fault’, when all these remarkable people who’re missing body parts are training and becoming powerful athletes.

  6. sanny says:

    Hey Anne, thank you for the post. For the last time I have been busy with checking out different techniques to achieve more body confidence. I have tried yoga, pilates and autogenous training – and it helped perfectly. yoga and pilates help to feel your entire body and develop more strengh. Autogenous training is wonderful to get your mind relaxed and free. Have you tried that out, maybe additionally?

    love, sanny

  7. Missy from Okleina says:

    When I want to get motivated and earn some confidence I go for a long run. Jogging make me feel great and along the run I became more and more sure that I can do anything I want. Another pro is that I have the very best ideas when I am taking the shower and while running 😉

  8. Robi from Web says:

    Confidence comes from within, when you’re accept who you are and love yourself. Very inspiring post..

  9. sally brown says:

    Hi, I really like how you implore others to take one tiny step. This is key because looking at the whole picture or how much we need to change, how long we need to stick with a plan, then we become overwhelmed.

    Nice article. Sally
    sally brown recently posted..It’s Finally Here! Guest Bloggers Ready Yourselves To Write!My Profile

  10. Clara says:

    I always had problems with my body confidence because i’m not realy the perfect girl! But now after i read this article maybe I will start to change some things and I will start to get more confidence in my body and in mine!
    Thank you for this great article!

  11. Great post! You made some great points, especially how “body confidence comes from within and spirals outwards.”
    Jonathan Adams recently posted..iOS 7My Profile

  12. Jenny says:

    Nice Post.Thanks for sharing it………………….. 🙂 🙂

  13. Jason Meade says:

    Great content.. ive always had issues with my confidence do to acne and scaring. it was a daily struggle just to look in the mirror. i started using acnezine and im finally starting to see a difference and it really is restoring my confidence.
    if anyone is having the same issues i had visit my blog at
    Jason Meade recently posted..Uncensored Revitol Acnezine ReviewMy Profile

  14. Anand Mishra says:

    Confidante depend on our self. How to behave it increase our confidance. So well thinking is necessary to increase confidance and we can going to goal very early.

  15. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
    printer adapter recently posted..What wireless printer adapters and how they work?My Profile

  16. Ruth S. says:

    Great content, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  17. Jitesh Patil says:

    Attractiveness is socially rewarded, from being picked for a team in gym class to finding romantic partners, getting a job or being promoted,” says Tara Cousineau, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Boston, an expert on teen health and founder of, a health and social networking platform for adolescents that combats problems related to poor body image. Many are turning to cosmetic surgery for a quick fix. More than half of Americans now view plastic surgery as a reasonable option, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

  18. John from OrbitHealth says:

    All post is great and what catch my eyes was: ‘ making lemonade when life gives you lemons’ that make me fresh, thanks Anne for good advice.
    John recently posted..What Your Woman Wants In Bed-4 Tips To Satisfy WomenMy Profile

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